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We make it easy to put Pilates into your life. To view and shop our Pilates equipment click here, We deliver directly to your door with reduced shipping fees. We can help with workout area or studio design, organization and finishing touches, to make the space inspire and motivate you. We provide Pilates mat and reformer classes, instructional DVDs and manuals. To sign up for a virtual mat class or in person classes starting in January 2023 go to Pineapple Pilates on

Home Studios

For home use with limited space we recommend the home SPX reformer with vertical stand. After use it can be stood upright and stored away. We recommend doing Pilates with an instructor at a studio prior to purchasing. Check out our Blog Article with videos of the Reformer Basics.

Some prefer a dedicated space for a fitness studio or workout area in their home or office. Here you may want to start with the SPX Max reformer, arc barrel and a foam roller.

If you have an existing space that you would like to convert into a home studio or if you would like to construct an outdoor workout area or building, we can help with the design and inspiration to bring your plans to reality.

Our Custom Design and Carpentry Blog gives indoor and outdoor studio ideas or stow away equipment examples. See our Pinterest boards for finishing details like foam or wood gym flooring, sun shades, fans, lighting, even a motivational quote or inspirational wall mural.

Commercial Studios . Fitness Clubs

For those commercial gyms or fitness centers who want to add Pilates equipment to an existing facility, we provide a discount when 3 or more Pilates equipment pieces are purchased or leased. The SPX reformers are easy to use, durable and are stack-able, great for classes. We can help train your staff on the fundamentals of the Pilates equipment, provide training videos and manuals.

Hotels . Condos

More and more visitors to Hawaii are seeking to continue their Pilates practice while on vacation or business. Pilates, like swimming, is one of the best forms of exercise that targets all muscle groups and challenges your cardio within a brief session. More hotels are offering Pilates reformers as part of their fitness and spa services. Downtown condos are also realizing the benefits of including fitness and pools areas with Pilates’ reformers. We can provide a discount on equipment when 3 or more pieces are purchased or leased.

Rehab Clinics

Physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, hospitals and other rehab centers use Pilates as an integral part of the rehabilitation process. Rehab reformers or the V2Max reformers are designed elevated off the floor, making it easier for clients with mobility issues to access and making it easier on the therapist to provide treatment. Joseph Pilates originally developed his first piece of equipment while working as a nurse during the first the first world war. He helped mobilize patients while they were in the hospital. Growing tired of lifting their limbs, he invented the Trapezium Table (the Trap Table or Cadillac) by attaching springs to bed posts that added resistance while the patients were able mobilized their limbs them self. “Subsequently, it could be said that Joseph Pilates had become a ‘Nurse-Physiotherapist’, with a powerful and revolutionary approach to life enhancing therapeutic exercise” Biography of Joseph Hubertus Pilates, by Bruce Thomson. Pilates has become a primary resource for therapeutic exercise within medical rehabilitation. Click here to view the rehabilitation equipment packages including accessories and myofascial props to put Pilates into your rehab program. Pilates education for rehab professionals and equipment leasing is available through Merrithew. Join our referral program and help bring Pilates to those who would benefit most.

Military . Sport Teams . Athletic Clubs . Schools

Many professional athletes now use Pilates training not only for injury prevention, but to improve core strength, stability, power, stamina and performance. If you are serious about reducing repetitive injuries and improving your athletic conditioning, Pilates training is ideal. Every sport or functional movement can be trained with Pilates equipment. The Reformer with the Tower allows you to move through the mechanics of your sport or activity working with the spring resistance. This will increase efficiency of movement and overall strength, flexibility and stability. Pilates training will improve your overall mechanics, reduce the incidence of injuries and increase overall performance. We provide discounts when 3 or more Pilates equipment pieces are purchased or leased for a sports team, athletic club, school or member of the military. Check out our blog article to learn about the benefits of reformer training.

Seniors . Veterans

Developing safe and effective exercise programs for our Kupuna is becoming a high priority. Pilates reformer workouts are an effective and efficient means of providing a thorough and safe fitness program that is gentle on the joints. If you are unfamiliar with the reformer please read about it’s benefits for Kupuna in our Blog article. The Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, are now entering retirement. The majority of growth in our senior population will happen between 2012 and 2030 and by 2060, 23.5% of our population or 1 in 5 will be over 65. The US Census Bureau reported that 67% of these Boomers say that exercise is a priority. Seniors and veterans build strength and balance and benefit from the gentle joint forces developed from working against the spring resistance.

. Maintenance . Parts Put your Pilates equipment on a maintenance program. Cleaning equipment after every use has always been part of the Pilates practice. Keeping the rails and rollers of the reformer free of dust ensures a smooth ride, read how to here. Checking springs and replacing them as required keeps you moving properly and avoids equipment wear and tear.

Studio Planner

Use our interactive room planner or let us do it for you. We understand the importance of making optimal use of space in new or existing fitness facilities. It’s important to get the most use out of a workout area while avoiding over-crowding. The online studio planner creates a layout of your unique space where equipment can be moved to design the perfect studio with optimal spacing for best function. Plan your design and color. See how your current space works for Pilates and other equipment you may wish to add.

Choose Upholstery Color

We can suit your design needs of your home or facility. Choose from 10 standard colors at no additional fee or customize and choose from the 75 designer color options for an additional charge depending on size of equipment. Our standard color is black.

Check out our Custom Design and Carpentry Blog and Pinterest boards for studio design inspiration.

Referral Program

If you are a Pilates instructor, a rehab professional, work with seniors or veterans please join our referral program by completing the contact form and learn about our incentives. Let’s bring Pilates to those who will benefit most.