Vertical Frame Max Plus™ or Upgraded Tower


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Adding a Vertical Frame to your Reformer dramatically increases programming options – now you can perform most of the Cadillac/ Trapeze Table exercise on your reformer.  Watch the Vertical Frame overview video on Merrithew Connect.

Add a “Max Plus” or upgraded vertical frame with traveling pulleys to provide variable angles of resistance and an increased range of motion, replicating the free, multi-dimensional movements of daily life. For use with SPX Max, V2 Max and Rehab Reformer models, equipped with a retractable rope system and Vertical Frame receptacles.

The Anatomy of a “Plus” Vertical Frame:

1. Travelling Pulleys: Allows for variable angles of resistance providing increased ranges of motion and optimal muscle activation. Accommodates a variety of exercises in supine, side-lying, kneeling and standing positions.

2. Roll-Down Bar: Springs are available in light and regular strengths, can be attached to the traveling eyehooks or Vertical Frame, and used with the Mat Converter or Reformer Carriage, to expand programming options.

3. Traveling Eyehooks: Travels the full height of the Vertical Frame to change the angle of resistance for each exercise when using arm and leg springs.

4. Push-Thru Bar: Utilizes springs from above or below, in conjunction with the moving carriage or the Mat Converter, and is an especially great choice for standing exercises.

5. Arm and Leg Springs: Arm and Leg Springs can be attached at various locations on the sides and back of the Vertical Frame or on the Traveling Eye-hooks for additional exercise options.

6. Safety Chain: Secures the Push-Thru Bar.

Extension Straps: (Not shown) Facilitates Reformer programming where the strap is wrapped around the top of the thigh, pelvis or torso. Perfect for rehab-based applications, it assists in the alignment and stability of the knee joint, and improves muscle activation.

Traditional Vertical Frame (not shown)
Comes equipped with 2 Push-Thru Springs, 2 Roll-Down Springs with Maple Roll-Down Bar, 2 Arm Springs with Foam Grip Handles, 2 Leg Springs with Padded Long Spine Straps, 2 Extension Straps, and a Safety Chain. These frames feature fixed eyehooks and do not include traveling eyehooks.  

A vertical frame can be added to any reformer the SPX Max, V2 Max or the Rehab V2 Max.  When a frame is added the overall height of the SPX reformer will be 174 cm, the V2 Max will be 187 cm , and the Rehab reformer will be 202 cm.  NOTE: VERTICAL FRAMES CANNOT BE ADDED TO THE At-HOME SPX MODELS.