Stability Cushion™ – Large Blue 20″, Regular Charcoal 14″ or Small Yellow


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Add variety, functionality and challenge to any exercise program with the unstable nature of the Stability Cushion! Enhance your stability, strength and balance while performing exercises in standing, sitting, kneeling, supine and prone positions. Great for use with everyone from rehab clients to professional athletes. 

Simple but effective, Stability Cushions force joints, muscles and brain to react to maintain balance. Build strength and focus as you concentrate on stabilizing your body while performing movements in standing, sitting, kneeling and lying positions. Put your abs to work at the office – place on any chair and use your cushion to engage your abs building strength that will support your spine and reduce back pain.

Large 20″ and Small 14″

Watch the small Stability Cushion in action on Merrithew Connect.
Watch the large Stability Cushion in action.

  • Exercise prop to build stability and strength
  • Sit on to engage abs and support your back
  • Great for helping kids stay focused
  • Supports up to 350 lbs (158 kg)


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Small Yellow, Regular Black 14", Large Blue 20"