SPX® Max Plus™ Reformer


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The SPX® Max Plus is the ultimate Reformer in the SPX family. Equipped with our innovative retractable rope system and traveling pulleys on the vertical frame, the SPX Max Plus offers variable angles of resistance, allowing three-dimensional movement that replicates daily activities. It’s a Reformer and virtual Cadillac in one, offering maximum functionality in a minimum amount of space. Great for all levels of fitness and athletic training.

Optional accessories are available a la carte or choose the value-packed SPX Max Plus Reformer Bundle that also includes a Mat Converter, Reformer Box with footstrap, Padded Platform Extender, Maple Roll-Up Pole for only $300 more – a value of over $900.

Tall or long torso? Add 6 inches (15 cm) to the length of your Pilates Reformer with an extension upgrade. Contact us to order an extension upgrade.


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