Rehab V2 Max™ Reformer Bundle


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Rehab V2 Max™ Reformer Bundle

The Rehab V2 Max Reformer is the perfect option for any studio or Rehab clinic that has a variety of clients. Built higher off the ground for easier mounts and dismounts, with the wider carriage, this reformer is designed for working with mobility-challenged clients, as well as taller clients who, find the shorter machines too close to the ground. As with all our professional Reformers, this machine is fully up-gradable with a Vertical Frame and a range of accessory boards.

Watch an overview of the  Reformer video from Merrithew Connect.

With its higher carriage (22.5″ off the floor) and a 24″ wide carriage, the Rehab V2 Max Reformer Bundle is ideal for physical therapy, physiotherapy clinics and facilities catering to a senior or mobility-challenged client-base. Rehab V2 Max Reformers come equipped with a High-Precision Spring Package (3R, 1B & 1Y), offering a full range of resistance for clients in various stages of rehabilitation. Instruct and perform core stability, peripheral mobility and plyometric exercises with exceptional results, no matter what your need, on the Rehab V2 Max Reformer.

Includes the Reformer Box with footstrap, Padded Platform Extender and Maple Roll-Up Pole and Essential Reformer 3rd Ed. DVD for only $200 more – a value of over $500.

Add the mat converter and have an elevated, full length mat work or treatment surface.

Tall or long torso? Add 6 inches to the length of your Reformer with an extension upgrade.


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Dimensions 98 × 61 × 57 in