Reformer Accessory Kit



This accessory kit contains a collection of popular Reformer accessories and props including cushions, straps and more. Increase precise functionality of your Reformer with these additions to support stabilization and alignment in workouts.

Included items

  • Foam Cushions A, B and C (1 of each) – Designed for extra comfort, support, and improved alignment when performing a wide variety of Reformer exercises. Made of high-density, closed-cell polyethylene foam
  • Gripper Mat – This versatile non-slip rubber mats increases traction and prevents slipping or sliding
  • Foam Grip Handles – Attach them to the Reformer ropes or light arm springs to ensure ideal wrist alignment and padded comfort for the hands
  • Double Loop Straps – These soft Reformer straps offer two positioning options without having to fold or change straps or adjust the ropes
  • Ankle Straps – Can be used in place of Soft Reformer Loops. Ideal for users with foot conditions including plantar fasciitis