Pilates Essentials Kit



The Pilates Essentials Kit is the ultimate toolbox of Pilates props and accessories for instructors and at-home exercises looking to add variety and challenge to Matwork, Reformer or equipment-based workouts. This specially priced kit includes our most versatile professional-quality props that build core strength, re-balance muscles, improve strength, stamina and flexibility as well as target and repair injuries and other movement impairments.  Watch the props in action on Merrithew Connect.

Individual props come complete with bonus downloadable exercise guides

Kit includes

  • Fitness Circle® Pro (14 inch)
  • Toning Ball (2 lbs) × 2
  • Stability Cushion (Small)
  • Foam Roller Deluxe (36 inch)
  • Mini Stability Ball (Small)
  • Flex-Band® 2 Pack (2-pack)
  • Eco-Friendly Pilates Pad