Foam Pilates Arc™




A versatile, lightweight, low–cost Step Barrel that is perfect for group classes, personal training or home use!  The spine corrector exercises opens the shoulders, chest and upper back, plus provides deeper abdominal work. It will help correct your spine.

Never has anything so light packed such affect. It weighs less than four pounds, and has great versatility to deepen your Pilates practice.  Check out Balanced Body’s Pilates Arc Exercise Videos

Three durable, lightweight exercise tools in one:

  • An Exercise Arc. With a gentle curve on one side and a steeper curve on the other, its patented asymmetrical shape is extremely versatile for different uses and body types.
  • A classic Spine Corrector. You’ll appreciate the improved comfort and ergonomics — a gentler curve on the barrel and a more rounded step.
  • A Wedge for your Balanced Body® Reformer. Slide it onto the shoulder rests, and use it to provide back support and stability for a variety of strength and mobility challenges. Especially useful during pregnancy.

Comes with free instruction booklet.  Reduced shipping to Hawaii when bought through this website.