Peak Pilates® Artistry™ Reformer



The exquisite Peak Pilates® Artistry™ Reformer is handcrafted in the USA with a premium solid oak frame and durable black vinyl upholstery. This piece from the Peak Pilates® Studio Wood Line is built exactly to Joseph Pilates’ original design and specifications. Constructed with beauty, function and tradition in mind, the reformer allows for the body to naturally flow through the original exercises developed by Joseph Pilates.

This reformer comes with the Peak rope and riser package, as well as the standard reformer five-spring kit, which includes one heavy spring, two medium springs, two light springs and a five-spring gear bar.

Choose between vegan synthetic leather straps and wood handles or black rope with neoprene handles.

The standard long/short box accessory is also included with purchase.



  • Studio Size: 16″ high x 26″ wide x 90″ long


  • Five-spring gear bar
  • Removable 3-position headrest for easy cleaning and care
  • Retractable risers for an easy transition to tower mode
  • New four-position contoured footbar with innovative locking mechanism that provides safety for the user without interrupting flow
  • Proprietary spring bar support is rubber dipped and contoured for smooth spring changes and reduced noise
  • Redesigned steel carriage equipped with flip mechanism to allow upgrades to tower or twin mat system
  • Comes in oak wood finish with black upholstery


  • Gear Block x2 and Gear Block Holder
  • Double Loops (pair)
  • Choose between vegan synthetic leather straps and handles or black rope.
  • Rope and Riser Package (pair of swivel ropes and adjustable risers, pair of neoprene handles)
  • Standard Long/Short Box (9.5in H x 16in W x 27.5in L)
  • Foot strap with safety links
  • Fixed carriage stop
  • Five-Spring Kit (1 heavy, 2 standard, 2 light)

Peak Pilates utilizes premium Boltaflex® vinyl upholstery for superior abrasion resistance and easy cleaning. Standard with black upholstery. Contact us to order from a palette of more than 65 custom colors.