ELINA PILATES® Physical Therapy Reformer with Tower



The Physical Therapy-Quality Reformer with Tower from Elina Pilates® is exceptionally adaptable to accommodate a range of body heights, sizes, and abilities.  The raised height of the carriage, attached tower, and convertible drop-in mats make this incredibly versatile reformer a favorite of health and fitness professionals. The 19 inch high carriage is ideal for physical therapy and physiotherapy for seniors or people with mobility challenges.

Superior construction for maximum safety and durability; and a whisper-smooth, patented rolling mechanism to ensure precise and safe operation. Besides the tower, and tower accessories, this reformer comes with the drop-in mat, jump board, and box – ready for use. Made from American rock maple wood. 

The reformer includes:

  • One pair of quick-release, adjustable and removable shoulder rests.
  • Soundless sliding system, due to 8 PU wheels arranged in vertical and horizontal positions. Precision bearings.
  • Padded headrest provides 3 positions: 2 above carriage and 1 level with carriage.
  • Ropes adjustable with snap included.
  • Springs: 2 yellow (light), 2 green (medium) and 1 red (heavy).
  • Loop/handles: Foam handles (1 pair). Double feet and hand loops (1 pair).
  • Pulleys (1 pair).
  • Built-in standing platform with non-slip surface for safety.
  • Includes drop-in mat, jump board, and box.

The tower includes:

  • Stainless steel tower. Easily removable.
  • 37 hooks to cover the reformer surface with multiple positions.
  • Mat to cover the reformer surface. Very light.
  • Stretch bar with anodized aluminum with rubber grip and padded protection.
  • Adjustable in high with 3 positions.
  • Short Cadillac springs with grips: 2 yellow (light) & 2 green (medium).
  • Long Cadillac springs with grips: 2 yellow (light) & 2 green (medium).
  • Solid beechwood roll-down bar.
  • One pair of pulleys.
  • One pair of simple cotton padded handles.

Assembly Instructions Video