ELINA PILATES® Elite Cadillac-Reformer



The design and technical advances of the new Elite Cadillac-Reformer from ELINA PILATES® offer the measurable benefits to Pilates instructors and practitioners alike. It stands out for incorporating such innovative features as the multi-position quick change foot bar, the triple spring bar, and an extra smooth glide. Jump board and sitting box included!

Discover all the advantages of a Pilates Cadillac and a Pilates Reformer together in one apparatus! The full trapeze Elite Cadillac-Reformer converts safely and easily from a commercial-grade Cadillac to a studio reformer and back, providing full functionality for both in a gorgeous, handcrafted design.

The compact size of this convertible reformer makes it perfect for Pilates home-studios and rooms where space is limited. The ideal device for rehabilitation and studios that want the most complete Pilates apparatus for private lessons.

This reformer is made of stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and Canadian maple wood – finished in a smooth and glossy varnish. The aluminum parts are anodized to reduce friction and prevent oxidation.

The carriage has a strong interior frame, with adjustable alignment control, while the top surface features comfortable foam padding for perfect resilience, which provides great stability and safety.

The precision carriage system is mounted on a two-piece rail system that provides a stable, smooth and quiet glide. The carriage uses an eight-wheel system: four vertical wheels to support the carriage and four adjustable side wheels to align the carriage within the frame.

This item is available in in standard black and grey upholstery. To purchase other colors (ivory, blue, green, red) please contact us.