BASI SYSTEMS Wood Pilates Reformer with Half-Trapeze Tower



The exclusive BASI Systems Reformer with Tower is smooth in movement with powerful adjustability in a space saving design. Its innovative Enhanced Pulley System (EPS) gives fine-tuning control of the pulley angle and the expanded gear system allows precision in spring resistance settings. The Tower expands reformer and tower functionality with a myriad of spring setting options for straps, push-through and roll down bars.

With the largest carriage cushion and longest track in the industry, it offers unprecedented comfort and range of motion. It comes with four ports to accommodate the revolutionary F2 System upgrade. The BASI Systems Reformer with Tower is an expandable system that seamlessly adapts to your needs.

Use the BASI Systems Extension Legs to raise the reformer frame height to studio height (16 inches) or physiotherapy height (24 inches).