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Welcome and Aloha. Pilates mat is where it all begins. Start Pilates or deepen your Pilates practice with Pilates Mat workouts. Do Equipment Pilates with our private training sessions at your location or ours. Instruction includes a demonstration of each exercise, with precise verbal cues for breath and alignment, and modifications so you can choose to make the exercise easier or more challenging depending on what’s best for you.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hawaiian Sands Fitness Reviews: “Love Samantha’s Essential Pilates classes!  She’s always upbeat and encourages us to try our best.  As a retired person, these classes have made such a difference improving my overall strength and well-being.  It’s just amazing how your body responds to the challenge to get more physically fit with the right kind of exercise and instructor.  Even though we can’t be in the same physical space doing Pilates, connecting on Zoom has been great.  Sam is the best!.” Laurie C, Honolulu, HI
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Virtual Pilates Mat classes – Pilates in the comfort of your own home. Every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8:00 am join us for Essential Pilates Mat with Props classes. See class description below. Please bring Mini Stability Ball, Flex Band 6’6″ length, ankle Strength Tubing and Mini Stability Barrel Lite. Get 25% off these props when you register for this class. We use Zoom video conferencing. It is easy to use, reliable and available for every platform – your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. Click the schedule button below, select the classes tab to purchase one class for $12 or a package of 10 with a discount. You will receive an email invitation with the link to the online meeting. Click it when it is time for class and enjoy Pilates in the comfort of your own home.

Mat Class Descriptions
Restorative: Tues & Thurs at 9:00 am. A gentle, all levels, Pilates with yoga class that will stretch and strengthen your entire body, mobilize all joints and your entire spine, relieve stress, release tension and energize.
Essential: Tues & Thurs at 8:00 am. A Pilates class geared towards already active individuals, who are looking for a body tune-up that will energize, strengthen and stretch the entire body.  Master the essential Pilates exercises by stepping through beginner to intermediate to advanced variations. Now with props including Flex Band 6’6″, Mini Stability Ball, Ankle Strength Tubing and Mini Stability Barrel Lite.

Live, in-Person Mat Pilates:
At MANO Jujitsu Studio, Manoa Marketplace, Wednesdays 5:30 pm.

Pilates Matwork with Props:
The basics to advanced Pilates matwork with props including the Mini Stability Ball, Flex Bands 6’6″ and Strength Tubing-ankles.
Gain greater core strength, restore mobility, get stronger and more flexible. “We are only as young as our spines” – Joseph Pilates.
Every Wednesday at 5:30 pm Manoa Market Place, $20 / person.

Equipment Pilates private sessions now available at our open-air in-home Makiki studio. If you want to try, begin or continue with regular reformer workouts schedule a session at our place or yours. Why not skip the studio fees and have your own at-home reformer. We can help you choose the reformer or other Pilates equipment best suited to you. We can schedule virtual sessions or visit you for in-home training. $65.00 for an in-home visit with your own reformer within Honolulu. Or visit our Makiki studio for Reformer, Cadillac or Trapeze Table, Stability Chair and Stability Barrel Pilates $55 per session. Receive a discount when you purchase a package of 5 or 10. Already have your own reformer? Schedule a virtual or in-home training session.

Click the schedule button below to book your appointment, give me a call or complete this contact form.

Merrithew Connect provides a large catalogue of online Pilates mat and equipment classes taught by master instructors – all available on demand with a monthly subscription click here for Merrithew Connect.

Equipment Classes:
Join me at Harmony Pilates for Reformer with Tower classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10:30 am, 11:30 am & 12:30 pm in Manoa or Tuesday and Thursday 10:30 am in Kailua.
WiemsPro Full body EMS appointments available here.
Click here to sign up on Harmony’s website.

WiemsPro Full Body EMS Pilates

Enhance your workout by wearing a vest and shorts equipped with 10 sets of electrodes. Perform Pilates based functional exercises with electro-muscle stimulation. This new fitness training technology developed in Spain has just gained FDA approval in the US. We are proud to have the only such suits in Hawaii. Training with EMS transforms moderate training into high intensity training for better results.

  • increase muscle contraction by 40%,
  • restore proper muscle structure,
  • improve performance,
  • a better workout in less time in just 30 minutes.

How WiemsPro Full Body EMS works:

Studies show that full body EMS improves body composition, muscle building, performance and pain reduction. You will wear a vest and shorts with 10 sets of electrodes on the hamstrings, quads, glutes, low back, mid-back, upper back, abs, chest and triceps. The instructor controls the frequency that the electrodes put out to your muscles with an ipad that connects via Bluetooth to the suit(s). The muscle stimulation can be turned up or down for the different muscle groups while you perform a Pilates based circuit training workout. You will get a better contraction and activation of the muscles which will enhance your workout. For more information go to the WiemsPro Blog.

Stability Chair Pilates We use a light weight, portable version of the Stability Chair for our private training sessions. We can come to you for an in-home session, or visit us at our Honolulu studio. A full body workout can be done on the stability chair at any level from beginner to advanced. The exercises vary from sitting and standing to climbing, pushing, pulling and rotating. It is ideal therapeutic exercise for those with shoulder, knee and ankle issues. It is ideal training for seniors to restore balance and stability. It is great athletic training for rotational sports such as surfing, snowboarding, skiing, tennis, golf or anyone looking to improve the transfer of forces from the lower body to the upper body and from the right to the left side of the body. Click the Schedule button to book your appointment. In-home visits available.

Foot Corrector Pilates: This spring-loaded foot strengthening device helps restore the normal arches of the foot, strengthens all the muscles of the toes, feet and legs for a strong stance and better balance. It will help restore alignment and mobility of the toes, ankle, knee and hip. It will connect you into your core from the ground up. This small mechanism packs a strong effect on foot mechanics and how foot/ankle alignment affects the rest of your body. $60 for in-home session.

Essential Reformer Class