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Joseph Pilates initially built what we now call Pilates equipment. Today there are several Pilates equipment manufacturers. Merrithew is a world leader in Pilates equipment and education. We highly recommend Merrithew equipment for their excellent design, ease of use and durability.
Merrithew™ is a global leader in mind-body education and equipment, motivating people of all ages and life stages to lead healthier lives.

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All of our Pilates equipment is of top quality and we guarantee that all products are original from the manufacturer with manufacturer’s warranty.


The reformer is the most popular and one of the most important pieces of equipment developed by Joseph Pilates. It develops overall mobility, strength and coordination. It comes in three different heights. Click here watch an overview of the Merrithew reformers in action. The SPX reformers are lowest to the floor and is good for home use as it can be stored away or stood up vertically with the vertical. The higher off the floor reformers, the V2Max and Rehab V2Max are generally considered for studio and rehabilitation purposes, make it easier for a variety of clients to get on and off, as well making it easier on the therapist to treat. These reformers also have a wider carriage. The tower (photo 4) and the mat converter (photo 7 ) can be added to increase the diversity of exercises. The mat converter on the higher off the floor reformers are excellent to provide a treatment bench or platform. The platform extender (Photo 6) and the box (seen in photo 5) are included with bundles. The jump board and cardio tramp (photo 8) are common additions. Professional reformers can be upgraded with a longer frame, carriage and box to accommodate taller clients, usually recommended for those over 6’3″. Upgrade any professional reformer with a high precision gear bar and have more selection of spring tensions for greater challenge.

Reformer Bundles

We provide many different equipment bundles to make getting started easy. The At Home SPX reformer comes in a bundle, shown here. It includes the SPX home reformer, box, platform extender, roll up bar and fitness videos. View the At Home and the elevated SPX reformer in action by Merrithew here. The SPX Max , V2 Max and Rehab V2 Max come with the reformer alone or in a bundle. Watch an overview of the SPX Max, V2 Max and Rehab V2 Max commercial grade reformers on Merrithew Connect.

Vertical Frames or Tower for Reformers:

Add a vertical frame or tower to any reformer and increase the number of exercises you can do including 80% of the exercises of what Joe called the trapeze table series. Watch an overview of the reformer with the vertical frame. Merrithew has an upgraded tower called “Max Plus” vertical frame which includes traveling pulleys that provide variable angles of resistance and an increased range of motion, that replicate the free, multi-dimensional movements of daily life. Ideal for training specific movements such as the golf or tennis stoke or work-related tasks.

Stability Chair

The Wunda chair is what Joseph Pilates called it and it does work wonders. The chair is considered the most challenging piece of Pilates equipment, even rivaling the reformer.  Watch the Stability Chair in action. Built by Joseph Pilates, it was initially made of solid wood and it converted into furniture doubling as an actual sitting chair, ideal for the small living spaces of NYC. Today it is made lighter and more streamlined. It is like a chair with a pedal that can be pressed down with resistance of the springs.  A full body workout can be done on at any level from beginner to advanced.  You will develop upper and lower body strength and conditioning and enhanced stability.   The exercises will be familiar to the ones you have already learned on other equipment, yet now done while sitting, standing, climbing, pushing or pulling.  The chair will achieve core and leg strength, and shoulder girdle stability, mobility and strength for improved control. It is ideal for those with shoulder, knee and ankle issues and great for surfers, snowboarders, skiers, tennis, golf, anyone looking to increase power to the upper body.  Find greater mobility, stability and improved control with enhanced strength and power.

Arc Barrel

The arc barrel is a newer addition. Barrels are ideal additions to any studio or rehab clinic. They will take you or your client deeper into the Pilates practice. Small, light weight barrels help decompress and lengthen the spine and add challenge or offer support during exercises. Barrels come in different sizes to accommodate to your or your client’s height. The Arc Barrel is an ideal tool for rehab clients. Watch an overview of the Arc Barrel click the video on this page from Merrithew.

Spine Corrector

The spine corrector is an arc barrel with a seat.  It was created by Joseph Pilates to help correct the curvatures of the spine.  Go deeper into your Pilates practice with the spine corrector.  It will open the chest, relieve a tight neck and shoulders, stretch the upper back, release tight hips and thighs and increase stability of the pelvis. It will activate your powerhouse in a unique way as you will be working against gravity lifting yourself from a declined position – making your core work deeply.  It is beneficial for those with tight shoulders and upper back and even those with osteoarthritis as it supports the body, restores the curves and the mobility of the spine.  Try it you will love it! Watch an overview of the Spine Corrector click the video at the bottom of this page from Merrithew.

Ladder Barrel

The ladder barrel is a classic Joseph Pilates piece. Like the name says, this piece of  Pilates equipment consist of  ladder- like rungs and a rounded barrel- like surface on which a multitude of stretching , strengthening and flexibility exercises can be performed. The barrel is separated from the ladder by a sliding base that can adjust to accommodate different torso sizes and leg lengths in a range of Pilates exercises.  The Pilates ladder barrel helps you isolate deep postural muscles and challenges the body in all planes of movement. A favorite piece of equipment of dancers and gymnasts. Mental focus is key to executing this safely and effectively. Watch an overview of the Ladder Barrel click the video at the bottom of this page from Merrithew.


Choose from 10 standard colors at no additional fee or customize and choose from 75 different colors for an additional charge depending on size of equipment. Over two thirds of the equipment ordered is selected in black.

Stability Barrel

Offering all the functionality of traditional Arc Barrels, plus the added benefit of use in an inverted position,the Stability Barrel, shown on left, is an essential tool for aligning and mobilizing the spine. Use it to improve posture and develop greater balance and control. The curved surface provides padded support for the body in prone,supine or side-lying positions, while the smooth base offers a flat platform facilitating balance and stability. These barrels can support a variety of users with differing torso sizes, flexibility ranges and exercise needs. See the new Stability Barrel Lite in action on Merrithew Connect.

Bosu Balance Trainer

BOSU Balance Trainer

This was not invented by Joseph, but by David Weck. It quickly became a leader in functional training with fitness and athletic trainers and therapists for the last 20 years.  A versatile piece of equipment that can be used like an arc barrel or turned over and used for standing, kneeling or planking balance training. Studies show there is more activation of the transverse abdominal when working on an unstable surface.(1) Amp up your balance, increase your foot, ankle, leg coordination, challenge your global stabilizers – those important, smaller, postural muscles next to your skeleton – and super charge your core with the BOSU balance trainer.  The BOSU will kick your balance receptors into overdrive.  Ideal for those who are recovering from an ankle or foot injury, those who need to balance strength about the hips and lower back and improve athletic agility. Watch the BOSU in action click the video at the bottom of the page from Merrithew.

Halo Trainer

Pair the Halo Trainer with the Stability Ball for a total-body workout that builds explosive power, endurance and balance. With an ergonomic build that is easy on the wrists and thick, durable rubber grips, the Halo Trainer Plus 4 adds a 4 lb load onto the Halo Trainer Plus for increased challenge, while the 55 cm Stability Ball gives proprioceptive feedback in a range of exercises for fitness enthusiasts of every level, from beginner to elite athlete. Use it in group classes, one-on-one personal training, in the studio or at home. A great core workout. See the Halo Trainer in action on Merrithew Connect.

Mats, Props and Accessories

Small props such as the Fitness Circle, Foam Roller, Mini Stability Balls, Flex-Bands and the Mini Stability Barrel Lite enhance any Pilates workout. View these fitness accessories in action on Merrithew Connect. A traditional Pilates mat class will involve some rolling and prone exercises. Using a thick 1/2″ thick mat will protect your spine and keep you comfortable. The Massage Point Foam Roller and Acuback Roller can help ease and release tight muscle and fascia. Releasing myofascial tensions can help restore proper muscle length and activation, often necessary before we can develop greater strength and power. The hand held total body roller and Fascial Releaser will provide self-massage treatment. Do not neglect this aspect of your Pilates practice. Your body with thank you! We can also provide high quality mats (thick or thin), Resistance Bands and Resistance Loops – everything to get your home workout area or studio up and running. Go to Props and Accessories to order.

Studio Equipment Bundles

We offer a variety of studio or rehab bundles with just the right combination of equipment to get you started right. Read more