Pineapple Pilates

Aloha 2023! Is it time for you to commit to Pilates training? Join Pilates Mat, Barre & Reformer classes or get more customized instruction with Private sessions for individuals or train with a friend or two in duet or trio sessions. Pilates Mat workouts – work! Join Pilates Mat Restorative or Essentials. You will feelContinue reading “Pineapple Pilates”

Time to Sound the Conch Shell!

The sounding of the conch seashell is a deep part of Hawaiian culture dating back to ancient times. To blow the Conch or the Pū, pronounced ‘poa’, is a call to the divine invoking the sacred and to drive evil spirits away. It was used to communicate from a distance, such as with canoes movingContinue reading “Time to Sound the Conch Shell!”