The Pilates Equipment Shop was founded by Samantha Reed Omick, a certified Pilates Instructor and an official Merrithew re-seller in Hawaii.

Samantha provides Pilates Mat and Reformer classes in-person and virtually, plus private, duet and trio training sessions.
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Aloha, I’m Samantha Reed Omick, comprehensive Pilates instructor, with Stott-Merrithew and Pilates Downtown Body Matrix, Toronto, ON. I studied Physical and Health Education at the University of Toronto and graduate studies in biomechanics. I played basketball for U of T, the junior national team and my undefeated high school team, the Erin Raiders. I later, discovered Pilates through Moira Stott of Merrithew Inc. and Vivian Nickels of Body Matrix. To view my certifications and CECs click here.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Samantha is a gifted instructor with just the right mix of patience, careful instruction, pace and fun. There’s always time for new students or ones who are just getting used to the equipment, while more experienced folks never feel neglected. Samantha offers not only a complete and balanced workout, but also the inspiration to start at your own level, and keep getting stronger and better. Their service is brilliant!”

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Pilates Elders

Vivian was initially mentored by both Moira and Allan Herdman. Allan is a Pilates elder who learned the Pilates method back in the 1960s in New York City, from Carola Trier and Robert Fitzgerald, two instructors who were trained by Joseph Pilates himself. Allan returned to London to open the first Pilates studio in the UK, where Vivian was lucky enough to train. Moira, after an accomplished career as principal dancer with the City Ballet of Toronto and the Atlantic Ballet Company, went on to retrain and certify as a Pilates instructor under the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska at the original studio founded by the late Joseph H. Pilates. Recently, I’ve been influenced by Anthony Lett of Australia. He is the creator and owner of StretchFit, a program of assisted stretching on the reformer or mat for remediation from injury and wellbeing.

Pilates Training

Pilates training changed my physique and made future sport endeavors so much easier on my body. I’m not talking about weight lose, although that is part of it. I’m talking about the way my body could function and move well. I wish I had Pilates added to my workouts at the beginning of my athletic career. There are 9 Key Principles of Pilates which I feel best sums up the Pilates Method and what it can do for any body; Breath, Concentration, Control, Centering, Precision, Balanced Muscle Development, Rhythm/Flow, Whole Body Movement, and Relaxation. After basketball and during my Pilates certification I was recruited to play ultimate in the new city league and made the Toronto women’s touring team. In the winters I took up snowboarding.


I have been instructing Pilates for over 20 years. I see Pilates as applied biomechanics. “Biomechanics provides a universal principle of human movement. When the head, neck and back are in proper alignment or in “neutral” the spine and the rest of the body is in it’s strongest position. Learning how to move with this position unlocks the center of power of the body. Movement then has efficiency and grace while maintaining minimal muscular tension.” read more


Pilates has not been my only occupation. Wanting to get out of the medical-rehab office setting, and test my theories, I followed a dream to instruct snowboarding and work outdoors. Fresh air, sunshine and a non-seated occupation somehow became a priority. I ended up snowboarding mainly for fun in the winter and framed homes all year round. It was challenging, demanding work that taught me the world of construction and eventually design. I built a reformer, stability chair and a ladder barrel. To review design and carpentry ideas including “exercise rooms” visit the PilateOn Designs blog.

Wanting more of the great outdoors, I moved west, where I met my husband who was a visiting snowboarder from HI. I moved to Hawaii in 2017. I now enjoy living gratefully, teaching Pilates and surfing in beautiful Honolulu.


I teach Pilates classes and private sessions and am a re-seller for Pilates equipment. I started my Hawaii based business, Therapeutic Pilates & Recreation LLC in 2017 in Honolulu. We now do business as . . .

Pilates Equipment and Fitness Accessories

You do not have to be from Hawaii to purchase equipment from this website. We deliver across North America. Reformers and other large equipment come with training videos to keep you safe and motivated. I provide in-home training sessions for clients in Honolulu.

I invite you to add Pilates to your health and fitness regimen. It has helped me recover, rejuvenate, as well as, stay strong and flexible for my new sport of surfing. Pilates is not a fad or some new exercise gimmick. Pilates works. I recommend that you do and learn about Pilates training at your local studio or take a class from me prior to buying home equipment. You will feel and see the difference. Start today!