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Being a strong, flexible and spunky ex-ballerina, now partner in a bustling Interior Design Firm in Honolulu isn’t easy, but adding at-home Pilates reformer training with a personal instructor has Marion Philpotts-Miller getting her dance-on.

The Pilates Equipment Shop Honolulu is Hawaii’s source for premium Pilates and fitness equipment. Select from four different reformer models. Customize upholstery with 10 standard or 75 designer colors. Learn more about Merrithew reformers and watch them in action.

It began with Marion’s husband, Jeffrey Miller, placing an order with me for his wife’s birthday. With a 3 week delivery period, Marion had to suffice with a gift certificate to an arriving Merrithew SPX Reformer. The white glove custom home delivery of the reformer was up the hill, with winding switch backs and amazing views of Honolulu. We found ourselves on this seemingly ancient driveway into this beautiful Hawaiian heritage house and garage port cantilevered atop of the mountain ridge. My first instinct was to check the foundation – yet resisting construction mentality and trusting these two cool souls – I plunge forward into the new Pilates garage!

Garage Port Pilates Studio

A most wonderful garage, with such a great view and being in Hawaii, that there is no need for a garage door. We enjoy the blessed view and fresh air, calling class off only when there is the occasional mountain rain down pour or gale-force trade winds. We recommend for open-air studios to place the reformer on a 8′ x 12′ rug. After class store fitness accessories in the reformer box, place box on carriage and wrap all up in the rug to resist dust, dirt, some rain, etc. Keeping the rails and wheels of the reformer clean is important for smooth, precise operation. How to care for your reformer.

Two private training sessions per week with a trainer and one session on her own with Merrithew Connect on demand classes is keeping Marion happy, healthy and wise as she does the Pilates reformer and jump board beginner to advanced routines. Join our referral list to start your personal Pilates training contact me.

Marion on the At-Home SPX Reformer with Cardio Tramp.

Outdoor Pilates Reformer Workshops

Why not set up an outdoor workout station. Come Super Bowl weekend past, we decide to venture forth out of the garage and under – what must be referred to as the Mother Tree – into one of the most wondrous outdoor spaces I’ve experienced in Honolulu. Here we find a naturally level spot under the Mother Tree in the afternoon dappled light and fresh air amongst the ever joyous birds and geckos. In this serene environment, everyone enjoys a training session in between watching the game. If you’d like to host an outdoor Pilates Reformer workshop contact me.

Studio for Two with a View

Not to be out done by his Pilates-doing, energetic wife, Jeff decides to invest in his own Pilates SPX Max Reformer and transformed the sun-room into their indoor Pilates studio / living room. Living room and Pilates studio become a transitional space with moving pieces. Reformers are rolled aside and are easily stacked on top of each other. The sofa is moved back into place.

Now the SPX reformers are readily accessible, in a streamlined space that feels like a professional studio, but with a million dollar view.

How Pilates Started: When you really look at Pilates training it is dance training. Joseph Pilates when he moved to New York worked with dancers and helped them recover from and avoid further injury. The bulk of Pilates work reflects the dance physique and form – which is also important to move well during any physical activity, sport or movements of life’s activities in general.

Benefits of Reformer Pilates: The dance steps and movement patterns are basic building blocks for most sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, soccer or tennis, even hockey and golf. Any sport with a quick change in direction can benefit from dance or Pilates training. The Pilates reformer footwork exercises will stabilize the ankles and strengthen the legs so that we now push off or change direction, with more strength, precision and control. Pilates reformer workouts will also of course strengthen the core and develop a flexible and strong body overall. You know when you see someone move – may that be a dancer or a football player – and it looks effortless? It’s what dance or Pilates training should do. You begin to perform your regular daily activities more efficiently with a little more vigor. You stand a bit taller and breath a little deeper. Movement comes with more ease, grace and lightness.

Stress-free, Customized Workout: Pilates equipment training is a restorative, rejuvenating, pain-free workout. The springs can be adjusted for your fitness level, so little Marion or muscular Jeff can do the same routine and change the spring setting to get the same effective workout. Working with variable spring tensions on the reformer enables progressive joint loading. This permits the joints of the body to be weighted or loaded, without undue stress, unlike running or hiking or even walking – for those with joint issues. Choosing the carriage, gear bar and foot bar positions, you can adjust how much your ankle, knee and hip will bend so you workout in comfort. The reformer can be custom set to your needs.

Cardiovascular and Detox Effects: Pilates training will improve your cardio, will increase lung capacity and help pump lymph through your system assisting with detoxing and cleansing the body. All the benefits of rigorous exercise but without the stress and strain. Regular one hour Pilates sessions gives us the chance for the whole body to move well and tune itself up.

Benefits of Mindfulness: Practicing Pilates develops more mindfulness with our selves. By moving slowly and methodologically instead of fast and furiously, we begin to tune-in to how we move. Learning how our body works and what makes us feel better becomes a very powerful experience, that we can integrate into all forms of movement. Movement with mindfulness and intent, integrated with breath will develop a more meditative or zen-like experience.

“If mindfulness practices, such as being present in the moment through breath work, mindful movement, mindful eating and meditation, can help physicians keep burnout at bay, as this study suggests, that speaks volumes to what it can do for the rest of us. Mindful movement emphasizes awareness of breath to create a greater connection between mind and body, reducing distractions and multiplying the benefits of exercise. By teaching and giving people the knowledge to move mindfully, they will perform better, combat stress and anxiety, and become more resilient.” Merrithew Blog

“4 ways fitness professionals can prepare for and embrace another unprecedented year.” Merrithew Blog, 12/24/2020, by Otiena Ellwand.

Find Your Inner Dance: If we quiet the mind, listen to our body you will hear it’s inner song, you will feel the choreography of it’s own dance. Our body has innate knowledge of what it needs if we just let it. When I think of dance, I think of a state where the body is happy and free to move. In a Dance-like state you begin to find the rhythm of your soul, feel the pep in your step, hip in the hip-hop, the groove of the shoulders, the lift of the heart, the drop of the chin, the straightening of the spine, feel a connection to the ground, a lift of the sole of the foot, the tap of the toes and the stomp of the heel! Find your inner dance – do Pilates.

Exercise Rooms by Design – with Place Hawaii

There is more than the Pilates reformer available at the Pilates Equipment Shop. We provide a variety of fitness equipment for every type of person and every type of workout, from Pilates Reformers, Spring Wall, Chairs and Barrels to core training with the Halo Trainer, Medicine Ball and weights, to fitness accessories including the Fitness Circle, Foam Roller, Toning Balls, Ankle Strength Tubing, Ballet Barres and more. Fitness equipment for all types of people from seniors and athletes to anyone in between. Watch an overview of the equipment on Merrithew Connect.

The Pilates Equipment Shop is proud to provide exercise rooms by design in conjunction with Place Hawaii Honolulu’s premier design store filled with everything you need to finish your living space with refined island style and function, curated by the Philpotts Design Team.

Exercise Room Kits:

We introduce Exercise Room Kits, everything you need for your own professional training studio at home. Choose the type of workout you want – from Pilates matwork with props to a Ballet Barre studio or a Core Training Studio geared for men to an exercise room for Kapuna. Select the type of exercise room or the type of workout you want. Choose the flooring, accent wall wallpaper, mural or art work along with a motivational quote. Select from the collection of lighting fixtures, fans and mirrors. We have everything you need to make it easy to add fitness to your home and regular routine. Exercise room kits are also available for commercial studios.

The fitness equipment listed in the exercise room kits below have clickable links that will take you to the product’s description on the Pilates Equipment Shop website. Soon we will also have our collection of flooring, wallpaper/ mural/ motivational quotes, light fixtures, mirrors and fans to select from Place Hawaii. Merrithew provides short overview videos of the equipment and a full range of on demand classes covering most equipment and matwork workouts. Check out the extensive catalog of fitness training videos available to purchase or rent on Merrithew Connect. Of course there is also in-home or virtual training available with the Pilates Equipment Shop.

Pilates Studio Kits:

  1. Home Reformer Lite: Reformer Bundle, Cardio Tramp, Fitness Circle, Mini Stability Ball and Yoga Block. Mirror, Fan, Light, accent wall Wallpaper with motivational Quote, foam mat or wood Flooring with Pilates Mat or Mat Converter for reformer. See the reformer in action: Reformer video. Vertical Frame Video.
  2. Home Stability Chair: Take up less space with the Stability Chair, Mini Stability Ball, Strength Tubing and Yoga Block. Mirror, Fan, Light, accent wall Wallpaper with motivational Quote, foam mat or wood Flooring. View the Stability Chair in action with this video.
  3. Home Reformer Lite with Chair: Reformer bundle, Stability Chair, Cardio Tramp, Fitness Circle, Mini Stability Ball and Yoga Block. Mirror, Fan, Light, accent wall Wallpaper with motivational Quote, foam mat or wood Flooring with Pilates Mat or Mat Converter. View the Reformer in action video. Stability Chair in action.

Watch the Fitness Accessories in action and see how they enhance your workout:
Fitness Circle Video.
Mini Stability Barrel video.
Flex Band Video.
Mini Stability Ball video.
Toning Ball workout video.
Ankle Strength Tubing video.
Small Stability Cushion video.
Large Stability Cushion video.
Sliding Discs video.

Core-Fitness Studio Kits:

4. Core-Fitness Halo-Trainer Studio: Halo-Trainer with large Stability Ball, Stability Barrel Lite, Ankle Strength Tubing, Medicine Ball, Flex Band 6’6″, Stability Cushion, Yoga block. Mirror, Fan, Light, accent wall Wallpaper with motivational Quote, foam mat or wood Flooring with a Pilates and a yoga mat.
View the Halo-Trainer in action.
View the Stability Barrel Lite in action.

5. Matwork Pilates Studio: Keep it simple with a mat and your matwork routine. Add the Flex Band 6’6″ length, a Fitness circle, Foam Roller, Mini Stability Barrel Lite and Yoga Block, and enhance your mat routine. Mirror, Fan, Light, accent wall Wallpaper with motivational Quote, foam mat or wood Flooring with a Pilates Mat or Platform mat. Click here for a complimentary matwork instruction pdf.

6. Cadillac Pilates Studio: Delve deeper into your Pilates Matwork with the assistance of the Cadillac Wall Unit or Spring Wall and a Platform Mat raised 7″ from the floor. Now add resistance with springs and strength tubing to Matwork exercises. Mirror, Fan, Light, accent wall Wallpaper with motivational Quote and Foam mat or Wood flooring.
View the Spring Wall in action.

7. Dance Studio: With the Ballet bar or Stability Barre that comes in 6ft, parallel 8 ft, or a wall mounted 8 ft version, Toning Balls 1 lb, 2 lb or 3 lb, Mini Stability Ball, Flex Band 6’6″, Ankle Strength Tubing. Mirror, Fan, Light, accent wall Wallpaper with motivational Quote, Wood flooring with Pilates Mat. View the Stability Barre in action in the Total Barre Video.

8. Office Fitness Kits: Want to integrate more mindful movement while working? This kit includes simple ways to stretch, strengthen, stand and sit with better posture while at work. Ergonomic desk Chairs, height adjustable Desks, standing wobble boards, Flex Band, Stability Ball/ Cushion, Flex Band. Complete the contact form for more information.

9. Seniors Fitness Studio Kit: Designed for seniors in mind, this fitness kit includes all you need for a safe and effective seated and standing Pilates based exercises. Kit includes a light weight chair, Toning Balls 1 lb, 2 lb or 3 lb, Flex Band 6’6″ and Mini Stability Ball and in-home or virtual training with a certified instructor. Cadillac Pilates Studio and Stability Chair Studio are also ideal for active seniors.

10. Customize your own Fitness Studio: Design your own workout space or have Philpotts Design team design it for you.

Exercise Room Kit Packages:
1) package deal for equipment only,
2) package deal for equipment with flooring, accent wall, lighting, mirror and fan.

How to Order: Please complete our contact form and check “Exercise Room Kits” and we will get in touch to discuss the type of exercise room you want with a package deal price.

Shipping: Orders require a custom shipping quote. After your order is placed the quote will be forwarded to you within 2-3 business days. You must accept the shipping fees before order will be processed.

Installation: Installation of flooring, wallpaper or art work, lighting and fan and clean up will be provided by licensed contractor. Followed by delivery of fitness equipment, setup of equipment and removal of packaging materials by the Pilates Equipment Shop.

In-Home Personal Training: Set-up with Merrithew Connect for on demand classes and/or in-home or virtual training with a certified instructor.

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