Increase Revenue with Pilates Services.

Adding fitness or wellness services to your business can be quite rewarding both spiritually and financially. Create a peaceful place, a safe haven, where people can see each other, share human connection and gain a sense of normality. Here are a some pointers and examples of how to add a Pilates services to your wellness business.

Wellness Space Makeover

Check out this beautiful Wellness Space Makeover done by Drew Scott of Property Brothers on the hit show Brother vs. Brother, featuring our V2 Max™ Plus Reformer.

A good layout and design, operating on a referral only basis, maintains a safe, private and intimate atmosphere for clients;

Benefits of Pilates include having an amazing day in paradise and an improved outlook on life. Improved concentration, coordination, strength and awareness;

Making people feel good with Pilates is a truly gratifying experience.

Liana Levi describes this experience: “I take a lot of pride in it. It’s been very empowering helping clients and growing this business organically; it keeps me motivated and moving every day.” Levi shown here, in her now commercial studio, on the V2 Max Plus Reformer. Read more

LA Studio Expands During Pandemic

Merrithew for Businesses: Tools and resources to help you plan, build and grow your business. Customized care to suit every type of client—from private studios with one reformer to commercial gyms with our full line of products, with leasing options. Let us help you plan your space and calculate ROI, Return on Investment.

Business Clients Served:

Boutique Studios, Fitness Clubs, Sports Teams, Rehab and Health Care, Schools and Universities, Condos and Residential, Retirement Communities and Hospitality:

7% Freight Rebate until Feb 28th. On orders greater than $3500.

Pilates Equipment Shop

Hawaii’s resource for Merrithew Business Services, Fitness Accessories, Pilates Reformers and Equipment. Virtual classes and private training.

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